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PFH Oil & Gas_ Environmental Policy

PFH Oil & Gas Pvt.Ltd | Feb 10, 2019

                                                    Environmental Policy

PFH Oil & Gas Pvt. Ltd.’s Environmental Policy is based on “Prevention & Control”,
through mitigating the negative effects of all our operations. We recognize that our
primary business is based on Natural Resources, and we shall make every endeavour
to ensure that short term benefits shall never outweigh the cost to be paid by the
common community through the depletion of shared resources.

We shall respect and adhere to the environmental laws and regulations of every land
that we work, but above all we shall respect our own conscious.

The Mission of PFH Oil & Gas Pvt. Ltd. is to identify and extract hydrocarbon from
reservoirs cost effectively, but without creating an environment that negatively impacts
the lifestyle of our planet’s co-inhabitants.

Sustainable Growth shall be the guiding principal of all our operations, and our primary
aim shall always be to protect, preserve and better all places of our work. The
underlying aim of all our Operations shall be to achieve economic growth whilst
protecting the environment for future generations.

PFH Oil & Gas Pvt. Ltd. shall make every endeavour to ensure that we will never be
identified as a “Polluter of our Planet”.

Mark Sargon
Vice President - Operations

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