PFH is an upstream oil and gas Exploration and Production company headquartered in India

Currently we have concessions for and operate three onshore gas fields in Cambay basin, Gujarat, and Krishna-Godavari basin, Andhra Pradesh - all in India.


We believe natural gas will have a crucial role to play in the global energy mix of the future and we aim to create a leading integrated global energy company with a special focus on the natural gas value chain. We seek to create a global energy leader that responsibly caters to energy demand.

Our strategy involves acquiring and operating discovered hydrocarbon blocks in South Asia and North America focusing particularly on liquids rich natural gas production, processing, transportation and marketing.

Social responsibility is at the core of our ethos and we strive to enrich and improve the lives of the communities in which we operate. This is done by creating employment, education, healthcare and sanitation facilities, actively engaging with our community, and minimizing our land and infrastructure footprint so we displace as little of the natural flora in our neighborhood as possible, and remediate the site to near original conditions when we complete our project.

Earth science, environmental sustainability, compassion, and a desire to create a better world are the most important aspects of our culture and values.

Our logo - the communion of three rings - symbolises the union of science, engineering, and commerce, that is the essence of our business. The three rings are also a homage to the three gas blocks with which we started our journey into the energy industry.

PFH Oil & Gas is part of Poddar Family Holdings (www.pfhcapital.com) which has interests in Logistics and Transportation, Banking and Finance, Energy, and Investments.